Film Awards – What they mean to me

Not a great deal but let me tell you why. The film awards ceremonies carry as much weight as you feel they deserve. If you think that whoever or whatever wins must have been the best, fine. If you feel that they are worthless, then that is also fine. Personally I don’t feel that you should need a particular award or Academy to inform you which film or performance over a set time period was ‘the best’.

I pride myself on watching every new release that I am physically able to. Of all of the films that I see there are some that I love, hate and everything in between.

Whether you feel that the selected members from the British Academy (BAFTA) or the American Academy (AMPAS) etc, who may or may not have seen all of the films on offer, are in the best position to choose what the best is then that’s fine. Personally, I feel that you do not need an award to inform you which film or performance is better than another.

What should be made clear is that there are industry award ceremonies, which are voted on by the individuals from within the industry. These have not been subject to any wider public vote or ballot but instead have been decided upon by a consensus of votes from the members of each academy. Be mindful as to who the members of each voting association are, their demographic and the release schedules and marketing campaigns of particular films.

The results of any award ceremony may well be in line with your tastes and views but this is just an opinion of a particular association. We as a viewer do not have to take these views as gospel as we should be able to generate our own opinions too. Art and specifically film in this case is completely subjective. Instead, treat any nominated / winning films or performances as recommendations if you are yet to see them or you are looking for something new to watch. Share with your friends, family or on social media what you have or haven’t enjoyed, for any film worth its salt will transcend any award ceremony and stand the test of time. Many of my favourite films and actors have never won an award but does that make them any less worthy of my attention? Of course it doesn’t.

So does that mean that these awards are pointless and not worth our time? No. Like I said earlier, these awards are judged and voted on by people that are directly involved or associated with the film industry and who better to judge the films and performances than their peers.

These are industry awards and it’s clear how much it means directly to the individuals involved. It’s the brief glimpse of emotion that you often get during an acceptance speech, after the obligatory thanks to production heads, where you get a real insight into how much this recognition from their own industry means to them. I enjoy watching the award ceremonies whether or not the results are in line with my own views.

One positive to come out of an award or nomination is that they are able to raise the profile of a particular film (especially the smaller, independent releases), which then potentially brings it to a wider audience which they may not have been able to achieve until this point.

I suppose what I am saying is watch the BAFTA’s, The Oscars, Golden Globes and any other awards ceremony. Seek out any of the films that you haven’t seen that you think you may enjoy but reserve your own judgment for deciding which films you enjoyed the most.

Like many, I always compile a list of my favourite films of the year which are effectively my recommendations – Best of 2015 Films. Feel free to take a look and as always I am always on the look out for a good film recommendation.


One thought on “Film Awards – What they mean to me

  1. carole Thompson says:

    Please send me a copy of your write up for Two Cliffs Film.Festival to my email address below. I was so impressed with your detailed write up.


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