Gone Baby Gone

Gone Baby Gone is one of the few movies that will leave you questioning what happened in the end and whether it was the right choice to make or not. This is Ben Affleck’s first film that he has directed and is based on the novel by Dennis Lehane. Although this is Affleck’s directorial debut, you will be hard pushed to find one more accomplished.

The story follows two Private Investigators Patrick Kenzie (Casey Affleck) and Angela Gennaro (Michelle Monaghan) who are asked to find a missing 4-year-old girl that was kidnapped out of her bed. Boston police are looking for her, but the girl’s aunt and uncle decide to hire them to assist in the search. They soon unravel dark twists and turns, which ultimately threatens their relationship, beliefs and even their lives in the search to find her.

Set in Boston, Dorchester the gritty-working-class neighbourhood where Affleck grew up, the film puts us right in the thick of it from start to finish. The setting, culture and accent has been researched and done to perfection, as Affleck doesn’t miss a trick. Gone Baby Gone is a disillusioned thriller about a world gone wrong, in which children suffer.

Cutting close to the mark at several times, the film doesn’t back away from showing the consequences and horror of looking for a young child that has been abducted.

Casey Affleck is mesmerising and there are also electrifying performances from Morgan Freeman, Amy Ryan and Ed Harris who complete this edge of your seat crime thriller. This is a fantastic movie, which deals with deception and ethical dilemma with a sobering ending. Along with some powerful performances, Gone Baby Gone will leave you with plenty to think about.

“Everyone wants the truth…until they find it.”


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