The small island of Amity Island is the perfect get away for the summer with perfect beaches and warm waters surrounding it. When Martin Brody, the new chief of Police for the island is informed of a dead body that has washed up on the beach could have been a shark attack, he wants to close the beaches.

The Mayor refuses to close them due to the affect this would have on the income for the town. As more and more innocent people are killed at sea, it’s clear that the islanders have a huge shark problem on their hands. Chief Brody teams up with scientist, Hooper, and shark hunter, Quint, to attempt to hunt this deadly great white shark at sea and kill it.

It’s the film that launched Steven Spielberg’s career. He adapted Peter Brenchley’s best selling novel, ‘Jaws’ and turned it into one of the best films ever made. This film is regarded as the original summer blockbuster. Due to this film, generations of people will be forever afraid of the ocean, and can you blame them after seeing this movie.

The genius with this film is the suspense and tension that it is able to generate and when combined with the fantastic, Oscar winning, orchestral score from John Williams you’re filled with horror and dread before you have actually seen the shark. With the music in this film, it gives you the clue that something terrifying is going to happen, but you don’t know where from or who will be the next victim.

Like most horror films that are really scary, the fear doesn’t come from what you are actually seeing, but what you don’t see. Your mind fills in all the blanks to create the true unnerving, terrifying fear of the unknown. The shark itself is the ultimate movie badie as it has no motivation other than to hunt and eat whoever and whatever it can.

The final reveal of what the shark actually looks like is saved for the final scenes, which is well worth the wait and is fantastic even by today’s standards. With some great stand out scenes that are sure to stay with you for some time, its no wonder people are afraid to go swimming in the sea.

The story telling and direction is fantastic and the characters are really brought to life with some brilliant acting and first class dialog including memorable lines such as “You’re gonna need a bigger boat” add to this films charm. Stand out performances from Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw and Richard Dreyfuss all combine to complete this brilliant memorable masterpiece that is now a part of popular culture.

This film is as powerful now as it was back in 1975. Numerous films have tried to match and rival this but have never come close. The fear and horror that ‘Jaws’ created will never be matched in the same way and will change your opinion of the sea forever.


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