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Flytrap – Ramsgate International Fim & TV Festival

From writer director Stephen David Brooks comes an intelligent and unnerving science fiction drama – Flytrap. When reserved Englishman, James Pond (Jeremy Crutchley), is on his way to a new teaching job in Los Angeles his car unexpectedly breaks down in the middle of suburbia. With no reception available on his phone, he knocks on the door of the closest house to use their phone only to be greeted by a beautiful woman named Mary Ann (Ina-Alice Kopp). After being invited in, it’s clear that Mary Ann has her own seductive motive and despite James’ feeling that something isn’t quite right, he can’t resist the temptation. Little did he know, he has walked straight into a trap. Now held captive in the house, James slowly uncovers that the mysterious Mary Ann and her equally creepy housemates are not from this world and have their own sinister designs on what they want with humanity.

Like some of the best science fiction, they don’t need to rely on large-scale special effects in order to get their audience to invest in the story, regardless of how grand and otherworldly the themes are. This is where Flytrap plays to its strengths. Not only does it effectively tap into the notion of aliens walking among us but it also manages to believably portray how they may perceive the human race. They look human, they sound human but it’s the lack of nuances in their emotions and interactions that doesn’t make human. This is mainly down to the superb performance from Ina-Alice Kopp and Jonah Blechman, as Gilligan, who really add that otherworldly element that gives the film its weight. Jeremy Crutchley also perfectly adds to the onscreen chemistry. It’s his character that provides the essential paranoid human touch to the story and also  gives the piece its lighter moments of dry wit and film referencing.

Stephen David Brooks’ sci-fi drama, although small in scale, has grand themes which manage to latch on to the fear of the unknown and of paranoia of what goes in behind closed doors, whilst keeping at its heart a story of basic human emotions. Flytrap sets an ominous tone throughout but it isn’t afraid to break it up with well-placed dark humour. A special mention also needs to go to the film’s bleached aesthetic which really is beautiful.

Creepy, unnerving and full of suspicion and paranoia, Flytrap is an effective piece of science fiction that is both smart and entertaining.

Make sure you check out Flytrap, which screens on Saturday 25th March as part of the first ever Ramsgate International Film & TV Festival and support independent film.

For more information on the festival and ticketing, please visit: Ramsgate International Film & TV Festival


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