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Bridge – Ramsgate International Film & TV Festival

Bridge is a life affirming and heart warming story of the chance meeting of two suicidal strangers on a Bridge over the Ganges, both experiencing immense emotional distress. Set in Bally is a suburban town just outside Kolkata where the 82 year old Bridge crosses the majestic Ganges.Bridges all over the world have a history of visitations of men and women, victims of misfortune, with the resolve to end their lives. For some, fortunately, the attempt remains unsuccessful.

Santanu (Soumitra Chatterjee) and Tanima (Sandhya Mridul) end up being at the same place; at the bridge, at the same time; at dawn, and with the same intention; that is, to commit suicide. Their meeting initially brings great challenges but eventually leads to healing and wholeness to both lives. As they must find out and regain a sense of meaning and belonging to life, a ‘Bridge’ of trust and bonding brings forth transformative changes.

The story really is about connecting and bonding between individuals and that unconditional /selfless offering of help, support and friendship can bring powerful healing at all levels. Through love and compassion we create a sense of belonging to each other which in turn gives a greater meaning, hope and optimism in our lives. Also that healing happens at various levels and dimensions including physical, emotional, social, spiritual and cosmic.

Directed by Amit Ranjan Biswas as his debut film, made with a shoe string budget and a group of passionate and reputed international cast and crew, this indie film provides an unique transformative life affirming quality to the genre of drama.

Make sure you check out Bridge, which screens on Saturday 25th March as part of the first ever Ramsgate International Film & TV Festival and support independent film.

For more information on the festival and ticketing, please visit: Ramsgate International Film & TV Festival



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