Best of 2016

The Best Films of 2017

It is that time of year again where I like to look back over the year in film and highlight the very best. We have been treated to yet another year of films that have managed to raise our pulses, make our hearts beat, cheeks ache from laughing and left us furious with rage.

Whether it has been masterful storytelling or breathtaking performances, this year we have been moved to tears, shaken with fear, transported to dystopian futures and inspired by acts of historic heroism. Let’s face it; it’s why we love going to the cinema in the first place.

After 152 new releases in the UK this year which includes a number of UK film festivals including Sundance London and the London Film Festival, its been incredibly difficult and I have had to leave out some absolutely fantastic films all worthy of acclaim, but here are my top ten films of the year. Continue reading


Blade Runner 2049

“I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe…” Blade Runner 2049 is the cinematic marvel that we never knew we needed. Not only is it a great science fiction film but it also manages to earn its right to sit alongside the original iconic classic by delivering a cinematic triumph with its visuals, sounds and story. Continue reading