Film Festivals

Ramsgate International Film & TV Festival 2018

Building upon last years success, the Ramsgate International Film & TV Festival returns for 2018. Featuring over 50 films showcasing some of the best indie cinema from all continents and special screenings of local films, this years festival is not to be missed.

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Film Festivals

Ramsgate International Film & TV Festival

This March, Ramsgate welcomes international filmmaking talent for the first ever Ramsgate International Film and TV Festival. Taking place in the beautiful Royal Harbour, the festival aims to be the largest multi-platform festival in East Kent.

The Festival’s focus is to showcase new works, help promote filmmakers and to bring a different screening experience to help encourage the local audience to view and appreciate independent cinema.

Taking centre stage is the World Features competition, which includes:

There is also a Short Film Competition and a celebration of Polish Cinema featuring a screening of Jan P. Matuszyński’s ‘The last Family’.

The festival also provides a Youth Taster, which will be a collection of films by young local people in their first attempt at making movies. It is held in collaboration with the Kent Film Foundation, which utilises Film as a tool to engage young people more effectively in the way they operate in the community.

Screenings are complemented by a strong line-up of quality events and seminars, with industry professionals of high reputation. All of the screenings have been chosen by the Selection Committee, which is composed of a panel of industry professionals and local residents.

The festival takes place from the 24th-26th March 2017.

For more information and tickets, please visit: Ramsgate International Film and TV Festival